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How to choose the best fridge for your home?

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There’re so many available types and models on today’s market that sometime it can be difficult to choose the right fridge for you at the best price. We offer to get acquainted with tips of service on repair of refrigerators appliancerepairinpittsburgh.com

Let’s take a brief look at the most important criteria for choosing the right refrigerator for your home.

  1. Fridge size. Before going to the shop, make sure you know where you will install it and the amount of available space you have. Don’t forget to take measurement of the height, depth, and width.
  2. Fridge type. There are 4 main types of refrigerators.
  • Top-freezers refrigerators. You should consider this type because it has more usable space and it’s cheaper than other types. But it has a small freezer and an old-fashioned design.
  • Bottom-freezers refrigerators. It’s the most popular type today. It has a big freezer at the bottom and all of your fresh food located at your eye-level which makes it easier to grab all your commonly utilized items which we use in a daily life. One of the main disadvantage of this type is that their cost more.
  • Side by side refrigerators. This type has two separate vertical compartments for your fresh food and freezer. This fridge has a lot of space and it provides better access to the fresh food, as well as to your freezer compartment. Besides, it has a premium style look. Cons –high cost and big size.
  • French door. It’s very spacious and has a lot of space for your fresh food and your freezer. It allows you to open just one door to grab item that you need while you keep closed the other half and this way your fridge will use less energy.
  1. Fridge brand. The best reliable refrigerators brands are: Electrolux, Kenmore, LG, Samsung, Sub-Zero, Whirlpool.
  2. Explore extra fridge features. Some refrigerator’s extra features are very useful for consumers, for example, water filter, ice maker, door locks and alarms, LED displays and others.
Type of service Price
Dishwasherfrom $120
Gas Grillfrom $120
Stovetopfrom $150
Dryerfrom $80
Washerfrom $80
Microwavefrom $40
Fridgefrom $80
Snow Blowerfrom $160
Riding Mowerfrom $200
HVAC Systemfrom $250
  • George

    Quickly fixed my fridge on the weekend. Other companies didn’t pick up the phone that day. I’m satisfied. Thank you .

  • Kate

    We have an inexpensive refrigerator. After the warranty expired, it stopped working as we thought. I had to call the technician for a fee. It turned out not the refrigerator, but the power cable (like that).The repairman found this malfunction.

  • Simon’s

    Our washing machine broke down. We’re out of warranty. We found this service in the handbook. The master arrived on the same day. It’s very convenient. Thank you!

To find the right fridge for your home, you need to evaluate what are the most important features for you in the fridge, and as a result you’ll find the best appliance at a great price.