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How to fix a refrigerator?

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A broken fridge can be a real disaster for your family. Everyone needs to know common fridge and freezer faults in order to diagnose it right and to understand whether you can repair it yourself or you need to call a technician.

Let’s take a look at some common reasons for a fridge breakdown.

  1. Refrigerator light doesn’t turn on. It’s not even a real problem and some people do nothing about it because the fridge is still working. Reasons for this breakdown: broken light switch, broken light bulb or there’s no electricity.
  2. Water leakage from underneath the fridge. The most common reason for this problem is a blocked defrost drain. Check the drain opening, it can be block by food or ice. You have to clean the drain with hot water and if there’s any blockage, you need to remove it.
  3. Frost build-up. To stop the fridge from frosting you need to follow some rules: keep the fridge door closed and don’t open it too often; avoid storing hot items in your refrigerator; don’t leave liquid in a plate without a cover; maintain a consistent temperature. There’re a few reason why ice build up can happen, such as, poor air circulation when the fridge is over packed with items; broken ice maker; doors problems when it can’t be sealed properly.
  4. Refrigerator isn’t cooling. You need to check if the fridge is getting power. If the light is on when you open the door, you fridge still has the power and if not, you need to check the power cord. Make sure fridge thermostat is working and restart it if it’s necessary. Check the air vents and make sure there’s no blockage. Food items or ice build up can block fridge vents and this can prevent air from easy circulation.
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  • George

    Quickly fixed my fridge on the weekend. Other companies didn’t pick up the phone that day. I’m satisfied. Thank you .

  • Kate

    We have an inexpensive refrigerator. After the warranty expired, it stopped working as we thought. I had to call the technician for a fee. It turned out not the refrigerator, but the power cable (like that).The repairman found this malfunction.

  • Simon’s

    Our washing machine broke down. We’re out of warranty. We found this service in the handbook. The master arrived on the same day. It’s very convenient. Thank you!

We’ve described the most common refrigerator problems but there can other reasons as well.

Most fridge breakdowns are difficult to diagnose and fix on your own. Usually it’s better to call a technician who has experience in repairing home appliances because your action can lead to more serious problems.