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Maytag is considered to be one of the leading appliance manufactures in the US. The company sells a wide variety of products including fridges, washers, dryers, ovens, dishwashers and etc. Their home appliances are the most widely sold products in the US.

The Maytag refrigerator is definitely worth to consider if you’re thinking to get a new fridge. Their refrigerators are one of the most reliable, high-quality models on today’s market. Maytag offers different fridge styles, colors and sizes. You can choose from white, black or stainless steel to match with your kitchen design. All fridges are covered with a 10 year limited parts warranty. Maytag fridges are available in 4 major categories:

  1. French door. It’s very spacious and has lots of specialized storage for your fresh food and frozen products.
  2. Side by Side. It has a full length freezer storage compartment. This fridge gives you a better access to your food, plus it has a premium style look.
  3. Top freezer. The freezer compartment is situated above your fridge at your eye’s level. It’s easy to use and it has a room for wide items.
  4. Bottom freezer. This type of fridge is very practical in daily life. Your fresh food is at your eye level and all of your frozen food is at the bottom.

Despite the fact that Maytag is a high-quality brand, sometimes your refrigerator can run into some problems due to engineering faults or how you use it in your daily life. It’s always recommended to follow all the suggested maintenance instruction to make it last longer. Let’s take a look at some common Maytag refrigerator breakdowns:

  1. The fridge doesn’t keep cold temperature.
  2. The water dispenser isn’t working.
  3. Ice maker isn’t making ice.
  4. It freezes your food.
  5. Fridge makes loud noises.

How to order?

Thankfully, almost all Maytag fridge problems can be solved. Take a look at our fridge repair services and give us a call at 412-314-8670 to help you fix your appliance. Our licensed and efficient technicians are qualified to fix all appliances brands including Maytag.  They will figure out what happened with your fridge and repair it fast and professionally.