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It’s useful to know what your fridge consist of and the most common repair parts that you might need. It will help you to identify the problem and replace the broken part. However, it’s always better to ask an experienced technician to get this job done.

Now let’s take a look at the most common refrigerator repair parts and why these parts are essential for the quality work of the fridge.

  1. It’s in charge of controlling the temperature in your refrigerator. If thermistor breaks down, a lot of problems can arise. Usually the faulty thermistor is the reason why your fridge isn’t cooling or it freezing food items. To check the work of thermistor you can use multimeter. The thermistor needs to be replaced if it fails the miltimeter test.
  2. Evaporator fan motor. It guarantees continuous cold air circulation throughout a refrigerator, as well, as a freezer compartment. And it’s responsible for homogeneous temperature distribution and optimal humidity inside the refrigerator. A failing evaporator fan motor can be the reason why your refrigerator isn’t cooling while your freezer is working well. And at the same time you can notice excessive unusual noise. These are the signs that the evaporator fan motor needs to be checked and maybe replaced.
  3. Water inlet valve. It’s in charge for the water supply to the fridge. When your fridge starts leaking or there’s trouble with making ice, there can be problem with the inlet valve. And most likely it has to be replaced because it’s impossible to fix the cracked water inlet valve.
  4. Condenser fan motor. It’s needed for forcing air circulation through the condenser coil in order to regulate fridge temperature and prevent condenser from overheating. If there’s a problem with condenser fan motor, you can notice the following symptoms, such as, your fridge isn’t cooling and temperature keeps rising, and you might hear the unusual loud noise.
Type of service Price
Dishwasherfrom $120
Gas Grillfrom $120
Stovetopfrom $150
Dryerfrom $80
Washerfrom $80
Microwavefrom $40
Fridgefrom $80
Snow Blowerfrom $160
Riding Mowerfrom $200
HVAC Systemfrom $250
  • George

    Quickly fixed my fridge on the weekend. Other companies didn’t pick up the phone that day. I’m satisfied. Thank you .

  • Kate

    We have an inexpensive refrigerator. After the warranty expired, it stopped working as we thought. I had to call the technician for a fee. It turned out not the refrigerator, but the power cable (like that).The repairman found this malfunction.

  • Simon’s

    Our washing machine broke down. We’re out of warranty. We found this service in the handbook. The master arrived on the same day. It’s very convenient. Thank you!

The main rule is whenever you notice the slightest problem with your fridge, its better to fix it immediately, because if you won’t repair it right away, bigger problems can happen. And it’s always better to call a licensed technician for the repair of your faulty fridge, because fixing appliances on your own is not safe and it can worse the situation.