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Viking corporation is an American appliance brand that produces kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, wine coolers and others for commercial and residential use. It’s one of the top brands manufacturing luxury kitchen appliance. Their fridges models have unique modern features, amazing design and spaciousness.

Viking offers different fridge categories. One of the most popular models is built-in refrigeration. It’s fully integrated fridge line that fits perfectly into kitchen cabinetry with no visible hinges. They use innovative air purification technology which makes it possible to keep all of your food ingredients 3 times longer than in a standard fridge. Also, Viking refrigerators are available in exclusive colors and design. Viking offers all types of fridges: Bottom/ top freezer; side by side; French door and others. Viking gives 2 years warranty on their products and it’s considered as one of the most reliable brand in refrigeration. Their fridges can last for years without any failures. However, sometimes it can require repair service. Breakdown can happen because of engineering faults or wrong usage on a daily basis and that’s why it’s important to follow all the instruction.

Let’s take a look at some Viking fridge problems:

  1. LG fridge not cooling
  2. Water dispenser isn’t working
  3. Ice maker isn’t working
  4. Ice dispenser isn’t working
  5. LG fridge isn’t defrosting
  6. It’s too noisy or loud

All this problems and others is possible to repair.  But don’t try to fix it on your own because you can make it worse. Call a repair master to check on your fridge instead. You can take a look at our repair service. We have a team of professional technician who are highly experienced in all Vikings fridge models. Give us a call at ☎ 412-314-86-70 and book an appointment. Our repair technician will come to you as soon as possible and repair your Viking refrigerator at the same day.

Type of service Price
Dishwasherfrom $120
Gas Grillfrom $120
Stovetopfrom $150
Dryerfrom $80
Washerfrom $80
Microwavefrom $40
Fridgefrom $80
Snow Blowerfrom $160
Riding Mowerfrom $200
HVAC Systemfrom $250
  • George

    Quickly fixed my fridge on the weekend. Other companies didn’t pick up the phone that day. I’m satisfied. Thank you .

  • Kate

    We have an inexpensive refrigerator. After the warranty expired, it stopped working as we thought. I had to call the technician for a fee. It turned out not the refrigerator, but the power cable (like that).The repairman found this malfunction.

  • Simon’s

    Our washing machine broke down. We’re out of warranty. We found this service in the handbook. The master arrived on the same day. It’s very convenient. Thank you!